Korean Photographer Hasisi Park and the Examined Life


She shoots photos of nature, a day-in-the-life, intimate encounters. Photographic techniques such as multiple exposure is prevalent. Her composition falls on both sides of the spectrum – sometimes very composed, and other times very random. What’s your impression of Hasisi Park thus far? Save your thoughts for when you see her photos after the jump!

Image via Hasisi Park

Korean photographer Hasisi Park also edits music videos and documentaries among other film genres. She photographs commercially for clients such as Urban Outfitters and also boasts a plethora of personal works, the latter of which you may find below.

Images via Hasisi Park

As rich and engaging as her photos is her life story. After dropping out of high school at age 17, she traveled alone to India. She adopted her nickname “Hasisi” there and likely many inspirational memories. At an even younger age did her passion for photography develop. Her father was a photographer, and Hasisi was often his model.

Images via Hasisi Park

As for her ambitions, Park is already more than halfway home. She wants to be a “financially stable” photographer given that she doesn’t think the title of “poor photographer” would suit her very well, and is already doing various commercial projects, gaining recognition beyond her home and base, Seoul.

Information for this article was taken from booooooom and The Creators Project

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