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It’s December now and my year in Analogue goes back exactly one year to the day. I can vividly remember how it all began. Come on a journey with me and see how an innocent excitement for a camera turned into a dynamite addiction for film! We’ll adventure through bright lights and rainbows all the way to dark, chemical-filled bathrooms-turned-photo-labs. You are not going to want to miss a moment of this!

Credits: sixsixty

Our story beings exactly a year ago: December 2011. I was heading out of town and decided it might be fun to grab my old Diana F+ camera. I’ve had this toy for a few years now, but it was definitely collecting quite a layer of dust at this point. So, with a few old rolls of film I had in the fridge I headed out. But, I hadn’t gotten very far when I realized, “Wow, I forgot just how fun it was to shoot film. The importance of how every shot counts, you don’t get to see your pictures until you get the film developed.” It was amazing to feel all of the excitement and experience of the analogue adventures again.

Credits: sixsixty

After shooting a few rolls I headed to the Lomography website. This is where the story really begins, with the Lubitel 166+. The Lomography is for lovers, beautiful, stunning Lubitel 166+. Wow! I pretty much just melted when I saw this camera. I must have spent hours researching it and looking through every photo taken with it. I had to have this camera. It would be mine! So, I placed an order for it and waited sooo impatiently. When it finally arrived, I took this camera every with me. And, even a year later I’m still loving this camera. Check out a review I wrote for it here, and check out some of my favorite photos from this camera.

Credits: sixsixty

Around this time I was still taking my film out for developing and I was running into a few problems. First, it was getting a little expensive for me to have all these rolls developed. Luckily, I had a film scanner so I only needed development done. Here’s the problem though, if I sent it to someplace cheap they did a just gosh-awful job. I mean huge fingerprints on the negatives, holes punch through our gorgeous sprockets—just the worse. If I decide to take the rolls to someplace nice, they did a great job, but at a huge cost.

So, this leads us to the next phase of my analogue addictions: the home film developing lab. It had to happen. It was meant to be. It was written in the stars. My bathroom would soon be turned. More and more each day it started looking like a lab. But, once this happened there was no looking back. I was sooo happy with the results I was getting and sooo happy with how much more affordable it was for me to get my rolls developed at home. I can’t recommend this enough, I even wrote a tipster on how it’s all done:

US CitySlicker sixsixty's Ultimate Lomography DIY: Develop Your Own Film: Part 1

But, I can’t do my analogue year in review without mentioning one of my greatest influences, the Lomography Gallery Store San Francisco. This store has been nothing but wonderful. It has some of the most knowledgable and friendly staff members who are always ready to gossip and “talk shop” about the latest in film and cameras. They are constantly having great photo walks and workshops almost every week. I have met some of the most amazing analogue photographers in San Francisco though this store. I can’t recommend it enough for you to stop by if you are ever in the city. Check out a few of my photos below from some of my favorite LomographySF adventures.

Credits: sixsixty

Now, around this time I was getting really deep into the Lomography website. I check the site out multiple times a day, going over everyone’s amazing shots and all the great articles being written. However, one day came as a huge surprise to me. Lomo Home of the Day!!! Wow, this was an HONOR! I really didn’t expect to get Lomo home of the day anytime soon. So, I was just floored when it happened. It brightened my day and also added quite a bit of piggies to my bank…which lead to my ever expanding Lomo Camera Addiction (this is the true meaning of LC-A—I kid). I could list all the cameras I got this year, but that would be WAY too long so lets move on.

The Rainbows…. Oh, the rainbows! Sometimes, out of nowhere, the beauty of light explodes into a sea of color and creates something so stunning. So much of what Lomography and analogue is came together for me with rainbows. And, I mean rainbow filters. The LomographySF store was having an upcoming class on making rainbow filters for your cameras and I just had this crazy idea of how to do this. Print them! I had no idea if this was going to work but I said, “What the heck? Let’s do this!” and printed some out. And, to my utter shock, I shot some of the most stunning photos I have ever taken. This blew my mind. I could now take this analogue game to the next level. Please, if you get a chance check out my tipster on printing your own: DIY Rainbow Filters.

Credits: sixsixty

I’m pretty sure, with the success of my Rainbow Filter tipster, I was tapped on the shoulder to be a Lomography US CitySlicker. What an honor!!! Of course, I instantly accepted this. How could I not? I’ve had such a great time with all the adventures and assignments the send us out to shoot every month. Here are some of my favorite US CitySlicker articles.

How to Fake a Summer in San Francisco

Credits: sixsixty

Read All About It: National Literacy Month DIY Filter

Credits: sixsixty

The biggest shocker for me this year has to be the most recent addition to the Lomography camera line-up. I have just been going stir crazy waiting for Lomography to release another high-end camera to us and they nailed it with the Belair cameras-! The second this camera was available to order I hit the submit button and snagged myself an early version of the Belair 6x12 Jetsetter! Wow, this camera is a stunner! And, I was lucky enough to be the 12th person to receive it. So, be ready for all the articles I am going to write about this camera alone! Here's the first one)! And, take a quick look at some of my favorite shots I’ve taken so far with this wonderful camera.

Credits: sixsixty

Now, we’ve just about come to a close on this year. I told you it was an addiction when we began right? So, let’s do some math here: In this past year I have added 12 Lomo cameras to my collection. I have also picked up 10 vintage cameras too! Let’s not go into accessories, but please understand there are quite a few of those added! I have shot around a 100 rolls of film. I have attended at least 15 workshops and galleries. I have written a dozen blogs and articles about analogue film and photography. I have simply adored thousands of shots by liking some of the most amazing photos found here on And, I have spent 365 days as an analogue addict!

Thank you Lomography for making all this a dream to live. And, thanks to all the other analogue addicts out there too.

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