Interview with VIDKIDZ from Diana World Tour Austin


Austin’s most mind-blowing visual projection artists, VIDKIDZ, obliged us with a specially-made Diana clone for Diana World Tour! Since then, the terrific twosome have been busy creating and performing from here to Colorado. We were excited when they took some time to catch up with us here at Lomography…follow the jump to find out more!

We all dig the VIDKIDZ clone from DWT Austin!

VIDKIDZ: Zak Loyd and Melanie Clemmons
East Side, Austin, Texas

The VIDKIDZ died in Y2K and were reborn after 9/11. Melz found Zak near the lazer waters where they would soon build their light house in the rainbow crystal caves near by. Zak presented Melz with a grid diamond whose dither spirit told them to share their realities with the earth people and animal friends. When they first fired up the love light blaster, lord Kid Vid from the BK kidz club appeared to them and blessed their beams. VIDKIDZ travels around the friendly face cults of Austin towne and trades video experiences for sound and brain creds.

How are you guys!?
Excellent! Colorado is beautiful, though not as rad as Austin, but we are gett’n integrated.

Let’s cut to the chase, you guys probably have the raddest biography ever. Which of you two is responsible for this masterpiece and how did it come to be?
We honestly don’t know where that biography came from. One day it appeared as a text file on both of our computers after a crazy lightning storm.

What was your favorite part of the Diana World Tour in Austin?
Making a physical object, as opposed to digital media. Also the fumes from the resin were pretty fun.

If you only had one day/night in Austin, how would you spend your time?
Micheladas at Las Cazuelas, hanging with buds/ seeing friends make art, pinball.

Pinballz, the largest pinball arcade in Texas, is a picture-perfect hangout for visual stimulation! Photo by lynxalb00

What elements of Austin (or Texas in general) inspire your work?
The chill atmosphere and our creative friends who are constantly creating new modes of expression.

What is the most exciting thing that you are working on right now?
We are doing a sound/video/performance on October 23rd at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. It roughly depicts two varied life forms exploring the singularity of consciousness via a gift and experience exchange.

Of all the mediums that you work in, which are you most interested in right now? What kinds of materials are you drawn to?
It’s hard to say what we are currently most interested in since our typical workflow is moving between modes and mediums. We are typically drawn to any new or old hardware or software that can be appropriated in service of our hyper aesthetic.

Where do you guys find the clips that you use in your projection work?
If we are working digitally, we don’t use clips. We make loops in Modul8 (the VJ program we use) using images sourced from Google image search and the program’s effects. If we are working in an analog mode, we use found VHS or clip tapes we have made from those VHS tapes plus signal feedback & effects from our video processor and video mixer.

Photos of VIDKIDZ projections during local music performances.

Any particular influences that helped define/inspire your aesthetic?
We both love Jeremy Blake, the Vasulkas, Scott Bartlett, Philip K. Dick, Lars Larsen, Everything in Heaven is TV, Op Art, Tommy Blackburn, Os Ovni, Paul Millar, Chris Reed, Lori Varga, Michael Carroll, Paul Baker, Scott Gelber, John Michael Boling, any and all net.artists, video artists, pioneers of new media, creators of all sorts.

What’s the oddest, or most difficult, request you’ve ever gotten from a client?
Ha! Good question. Well, we have done visuals at a bar mitzvah so projecting psychedelia on kids during a dub step version of Hava Nagila was insane. But the most difficult request was probably when someone asked Zak to, “PLAY MICHAEL JACKSON!!”. A lot people think that the projectionists are djs!

Yet another mind-blowing projection from VIDKIDZ

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