Shoot Now, Eat Later

In our parents day film and developing were so expensive that to take a photo of a meal was almost unheard of. These days you pretty much can’t go to a restaurant without seeing someone taking a photo of their meal or drink. Here are my categories for food photography, see if you agree with me!

The ‘Standard’
I think of this shot as the standard food photography shot, shot from your point of view behind the plated meal with the table in front of you looking slightly down towards it. A basic documentary photography move and probably the most common of all personal food photography.

The ‘Across the table’
This category is what I think of the second most common of all food photography, taking a photo of the person across the table from you with their food or waiting for their food. This is a popular shot as you can get the full table setting, sometimes a shot of both your meals as well as a portrait of your dining partner.

The ‘Pass the camera’
This technique is used when you want to be the one in front of the lens, being captured with your wonderful meal you are about to devour.

The ‘Selfie’
This technique is for when there is either no-one to pass the camera to or you know that you will be able to take a good photo of it yourself.

The ‘Hold out in front’
This is possibly my favourite of the techniques and usually involved a single item snack which can be easily held up and photographed.

The ‘Over the top’
For when you want to capture the meal in it’s entirety. Can be great when coupled with the Fisheye camera for a whole table.

This is a personal ongoing series of mine, probably not as popular with most common folk, the ‘On the Ground’
I’ve been taking photos like this for years as it always intrigues me when there are random items of food discarded on the ground.

The ‘Pop Art’
Taking food photography to a whole other art form, the repeated shapes of some foods are begging to be captured in a special way by us Lomographers.

Now lets put all these categories together, see if you can spot them all, with my all time favourite food, Cupcakes!

written by erinwoodgatesphotography on 2012-12-26 #gear #tutorials #food #eat #restaurant #camera #tipster #yummy #icecream #friends #cupcakes #techniques

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