Fake-Mega Vignetting for the LC-A

2012-12-24 4

Vignetting tips for the advanced shooter!

This Tipster is free of charge, works with every type of LC-A and does not modify the camera.

  • Take your beloved LC-A
  • Open the lens cover
  • Point the camera at the object of your photographic desire
  • Press the shutter button halfways!
  • Now press the shutter button fully and take your picture
  • There you go: Fake-Mega Vignetting!

Practical Use

  • Just for fun
  • Unexposed areas for multi exposure

… does not cost you anything, so try it!

written by zark on 2012-12-24 #gear #tutorials #lc-a #vignette #tipster #doubles #zark #objektiv-abdeckung #schwarze-ecken
translated by zark


  1. freelancer
    freelancer ·

    Maybe you´ve forgotten to mention that: You have to slowly & carefully close the lens-cover almost again (just a 1/4 or the 1/2 ..... or as much as you want) before you "Now press the shutter button fully and take your picture"
    greez ;-)

  2. freelancer
    freelancer ·

    Ahh, die gibts auch auf Deutsch....und da steht´s auch!

  3. zark
    zark ·

    @freelancer is right!

  4. chilledvondub
    chilledvondub ·

    ha bit of a fail post i am surprised this tipster wasn't altered and corrected before it was published

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