Your Christmas Bucket List


If you are reading this then that must mean that (1) the world did not end last December 21st, and (2) Christmas is upon us!

Let’s face it, even though the end of the world didn’t happen, how can we be so sure that it wasn’t bound to happen? And how about next year? How can we be sure that we’ll get to see the next Christmas?

We’ll never know now, won’t we?

Which is why we felt it would be cool to create a “Christmas Bucket List” to enumerate all the Christmas and Holiday-related stuff that we would like to experience in our lifetime. We can’t control how many happy holidays we’ll get to spend, so how about we give it a boost and take the effort to plan and make it memorable?

Here’s a peek on some of the items on the Manila Team’s list to get you going!

Credits: rhiannonadam, ck_berlin, lomographyaustx & eva_eva

“Know the whole lyrics to the song “Frosty the Snowman”.Pauee (pauee1617), Online Support slash Lomo Genuis

“Hack Santa’s list and make him give everybody cameras. Analogue love all around!”Edgar (mindyminde), Graphic Designer and Full-time [camera] Lover

“To celebrate Christmas day in another country or culture! It’s been family tradition as far as I can remember that we spent it at home, so I’d like a change of pace and celebrate Christmas elsewhere!”Aaron (kazarareta), Digital Agency Manager aka Controller of the Digital Iron Throne

“I would loooove to make a snowman, or a snow angel… heck, I’d give anything just to touch a tinsy bit of snow! Haha!”Chamie (chamielicious), Your Creative Fairy from the Design Team

“I want to experience picking an actual pine tree for Christmas and drink eggnog!”Geli (gelibee), One of Your Friendly Bee Workers at LomoLand

How about you? Have you got your own Christmas Bucket List?

written by geegraphy on 2012-12-24 #lifestyle #holidays #christmas #analogue-lifestyle #bucket-list

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