UK Cityslicker Sam: DIY Splitzer (My Christmas Wish)

2012-12-21 2

A (very) basic splitzer to make do with until you get the real thing!

Name: Sam Fletcher

Age: 20

University: Trinity College

*Location/Country:* Oxford, UK


So this month’s task was about what’s on your Lomo-list for Christmas. Aside form the Lubitel and the Belair, I’m desperate for a splitzer. That groovy little gadget does funny things to me, and to photos. I’m a bit impatient though, so until one arrives I set about fashioning something that did the job for my LC-A.

All I used was a business card and some blue-tac. Cut shapes out to use to mask the frame that are large enough to cover the lens, and blue-tac them flush in place to the lens surround. I used two pieces for the ‘scapes below, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t divide the frame up into more!

Credits: bertie

To do these I took off a bit of card to uncover the part of the frame I wanted to expose, took one photo, hit the MX button and turned the camera over, put the first bit of card back on and took the other off, then took another photo to shoot on the unexposed part of the frame. I found it helpful to have things in the photo/viewfinder to help me put the camera back into the same position when it was upside down, like spires and buildings. Not that your split frames have to be of the same thing though!


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