Welcome Christmas With Open Arms!

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Christmas is said to be where the warmth lies in such cold weather! It’s also a festival that allows people to stay with their family as well as for closest friends to have fun together! A day to go and it’s Christmas! Do you have any plans for this holiday yet?

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Christmas, the last festival of a year, is now around the corner! Have you come up with any ideas of how to spend your vacation? Traveling is surely one of the more popular options! If you don’t have a chance to visit foreign countries this year, taking a stroll through a Christmas market or having a traditional Christmas dinner with family is a good alternative! Before making your decision on how to spend your Christmas, let’s check out what our community members have done previously to pass this wonderful festival!

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Christmas Markets are a commonality throughout Europe. You’ll see stores selling traditional cookies, as well as some handicrafts, toys and books. What one won’t miss sighting are those intricate Christmas tree decorations and ornaments!

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Whenever traditional Christmas dinner is mentioned, we’ll immediately think of turkey! Christmas dinner in different countries aren’t exactly the same due to the influence of local culture. For example, the Christmas meal in Denmark is served on Christmas eve rather than on the Christmas day. And in Finland, people actually name the Christmas dinner as Joulupöytä!

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Besides, Christmas is also a festival which closely links to creativity. DIY gifts, Christmas cards or even the packaging of products are all meticulously through out and designed! Christmas Tea can definitely enhance the atmosphere surrounding Christmas! And if you are good at handicraft, let’s try to make a DIY Christmas card! Take a look at the “==360 Degree Christmas Book Panorama==” by Yusuke Oono, a Japanese artist, for some inspiration on how to make use of your lovely panoramas!

There’s only one day left till Christmas! No matter what you’ve decided to do with your dear family and friends, remember not to leave your camera at home but bring it out with you to enjoy this joyous occasion! Let’s have an analogue holiday!

Information for this article is taken from Wikipedia, Mint and Designboom

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    Oooo my christmas dinner photo!

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    @kneehigh85 yes! Hope you have had a nice christmas dinner this year too!

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