My First, My Last, My Everything in Lomography


If you want the better future of analogue don’t forget the past and your very first steps.

My first “burning” of the film to get some light leak effect. More than I expected, I’m very happy with the result!

My first “Don’t think just shoot” shot when the package of the camera arrived at my home. When I saw the result I just can’t stop shooting with film and my now deceased Holga 135BC:

My first shot using my precious Horizon Perfekt camera. The result was underexposed because I made the mistake of using the B normal setting on a sunny day.

The first time I boiled film to get such a wet bubble effect. I’ve written this to remind me that this was my first and I never boiled film again since. I should try it again!

My first time doing handmade redscale film using Kodak Gold color negative film and always did D.I.Y. redscale with any film I have since that first try.

My first time winning an unforgettable gift from Lomography after being one of the runner-up of Seoul rumble. I still shoot with my precious La Sardina gift.

Credits: hervinsyah

My first time being the winner of the rumble at It was also the first time for me to win in a photography website that I joined.

Credits: hervinsyah

My first time doing doubles/filmswap with hakimbo05 from Singapore and made me wanna do more and more swaps with lots of lomo lovers all over the world.

My first sprocket hole scan and I very, very much want to do it again! It made me want to save more and more to buy a Digitaliza and a scanner to DIY scan my film with sprocket holes.

Credits: hervinsyah

My first time doing DIY splitzer after being inspired much by hundreds of amazing splitzer photos by dakadev_pui and hodachrome.

Credits: hervinsyah

written by hervinsyah on 2013-01-02 #lifestyle #south-east-asia #indonesia #bandung #west-java #hervinsyah #lomo-milestone

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