My Best Lomographs of 2012

2012-12-30 1

Dear Lomo-magic, this year I have been a girl very good in terms of photos. I have experienced, tested new films and investigated with new cameras and, in addition, I have shared with some of my lomo-friends experiences and films.

Perhaps this has been my busiest year ever since I discovered the world of lomography and this is reflected in the pile of pictures i have posted (in comparison to previous year). It has been very complicated select only a few, but there are. I’ve chosen 12 photos, by the 12 months of the year.


I begin the selection with a photo in which I am the protagonist. It was a day of January testing different approaches and the result, for me, the best.

Credits: marieta


This is an afternoon walking through my village I found a lot of trucks like the “American’s” and I could not resist to take photos of them. I love so impressive that seems the truck and the colors of the Elitechrome with the Diana Mini:

Credits: marieta


We ran a week-end in Zaragoza, in particular to the “Monasterio de Piedra”. This photo makes me feel the same sense of mystery that I lived in the monastery.

Credits: marieta


This belongs to one of my personal challenges. Get good black and white photos! And when I saw the result …I loved it! So much that now I have one always loaded in some of my cameras.

Credits: marieta


The month of flowers, the spring, my birthday! It is my favorite month and I’m going to leave in one of my “most favorite” of this year. Also in black and white and strolling in Madrid and one night, still cold, I took a portrait of my favorite guy:

Credits: marieta


My chosen for the middle of the article is a very special one. My nephew is born and the Tata (aunt) ran to the hospital to capture what will be one the earliest memories of him.

Credits: marieta


I like it! I made it with the Diana Mini, that is one of my preferences and a film (in danger of extinction, unfortunately) The Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100, which I love!

Credits: marieta


My little love, protagonist of many of my photos, this is sweet and innocent with her typical touch of roguery.

Credits: marieta


The doubles are always there. In each and every one of the films that I shoot with, there are some, but few come out as I want. This is an example of my best doubles:

Credits: marieta


Again , a photo of my nephew. Now more plump and under the water.

Credits: marieta

*November *

Already reaching the final straight, I choose one of the photos of this summer. Simply brilliant.

Credits: marieta

*December *

Already the end of the year and the last photo that I wanted to show you is that with which was for the whole year. I have done the best and worst, sure! But this is defined as my highest goal achieved. A double exposure captured as I saw in my mind, I say, is even better! And this is the first that my photo has left me with an open mouth. For me, my best shot.

Credits: marieta

I hope you have liked these photos! I have the best and worst, but the important thing about all this is that each day I am learning new things from each of them.

Also, you’ll realize that I am in many of the photos. That’s because Luis, timid, doesn’t want to get his own lomohome, but works wonders and could not leave them overlooked. Lomo hugs and until the next year!

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