Cloud 9


These images are from a stunning place called Cloud 9 in the Philippines. It’s host to a world famous surfing break and a beautiful community that cater for the surfing traveler. *note; this is also the first 2 rolls I ever shot on my holga…

How many more tubes can this place throw at us, how many more times do we have to hobble out aver the wooden scaffolding and into the lineup?… Literally my compodre Paul and I had been surfing all day every day for 3 weeks. It came to a point 10 days into our 4 week surfing trip, that we would awake in the morning, walk out our bungalow door, peer through the coconut palms and hope for no waves… Tired, sunburn and stupidly happy. Then it took another 4 days to realize the reality.. Our dreams had come true. Perfect waves, minimal crowds, some new friends, a remote tropical island with bungalow accommodation in front of the break.

It wasn’t until about 3 weeks into our trip that I had a chance to take a stroll with my new friend, holga. Sagana Resort on Siargoa Island is the prime location for a relaxing surf retreat, and a even better place for a photo. Pristine waters, a friendly local community and a huge variety of waves. The resort is nestled under the umbrella shade of a natural coconut tree plantation. The resort owner has decided to take some time out every year for 6 months and hide in at this location… why not.

We took a day trip to a small island with the owner of the resort and his staff to a small island. This occasion was to celebrate the end of the dry season and to reward his staff for the all their hard work. No roads, even no horse and cart, we just pulled the boat up on the shore, hoped onto the island with a packed lunch and enjoyed it with a bunch of local kids sheltered from the outside world.

If there is one memory I could hold forever it would be this day, and in-particular the kids that we met. You know that we are so busy sometimes and caught up in daily things, that you sometimes forget. Forget that while all this is going on, there is this place, a place that is so calm, a place that is so relaxed, a place that a bunch of 6 year old kids will set sail in their raft, without a worry and in total confidence. A place that these children will contribute in such a responsible way, to them selves, to their families and their friends, with total happiness.

For me, to be able to comprehend their existence is a blessing I received, and to be loaded with tmax 400, is just the sugar on top…

written by mperry on 2009-11-08 #places #location #holga #tmax-400


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Paradisaic shots ! And this wooden bridge is insane !

  2. afd_lsi
    afd_lsi ·

    Really nice. I hope that one day I can travel to that place to catch that wave.

  3. dogma
    dogma ·

    Love this gallery!

  4. lee07
    lee07 ·

    These are such fantastic shots! I can't believe these are the first 2 rolls you've ever used on your Holga. You're a natural!

  5. annegreat
    annegreat ·

    This is paradise!!!

  6. jcgepte
    jcgepte ·

    awesome shots man!

  7. japsix
    japsix ·

    fantastic gallery!!! amazing!

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