Workshop Highlights: 'It's Splitz!' La Sardina Splitzer Workshop


Ever wished for a Splitzer for the La Sardina to help you create those wacky asymmetrical wonders in your Lomographs? So did we! Hence this season, we summoned our DIY spirits and created Splitzer magic with the La Sardina on our own! Using the gorgeous St Andrew’s Cathedral as our backdrop, we went lickety-split in this workshop to create the most beautiful Lomographs yet!

Credits: lomographysg

The St Andrew’s Cathedral is Singapore’s largest cathedral and the mother church of 26 parishes and more than 55 congregations. With a rich history and its early gothic architecture style, the St Andrew’s Cathedral provided us with the perfect backdrop to create stunning experimental Lomographs with our La Sardina and DIY Splitzer!

Credits: eviesoul & lomographysg

Armed with their La Sardina and makeshift DIY splitzer, our participants braved the light drizzle to try their hand at creating one-of-a-kind Lomographs of their own! Ideas were overflowing and laughters were heard all around as the participants tried to outdo one another in creativity and originality.

Credits: lomographysg

After an afternoon of creative fun and wacky shooting, here are some of the Splitzy Biltzy Lomographs taken by Alethea and Evelyn! If you ever thought that the La Sardina was boring, well, we challenge you to think again!

Credits: eviesoul & lomographysg

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