These are the 50 DUO pictures of the Bombay Show Pig Rumble!


The dynamic duo, Mathias and Linda from the band ‘Bombay Show Pig’ were looking for the best duo pictures in our community. We ended up with a whopping 742 submissions and they’ve selected 50 pictures that will be competing for some delectable prizes to win! Check if you’re one of them!

Credits: pfvandenbroek

Mathias and Linda of Bombay Show Pig are a magical match made in musical heaven. And they’re also our latest Lomo Amigos. They started working with the La Sardina to capture the rock’n’roll lifestyle. While we where waiting for their pictures we decided to do a rumble together, nothing beats the theme of DUO pictures!

It was pretty rough but they did it. Mathias and Linda managed to pick 50 pictures that will be competing for the grand prize! Check if your picture is one of the lucky 50!

Credits: gnilneyc, kylethefrench, heavenkot, giovannidecarlo, sarahandsarah, sabinasabi, boobert, fafascinado, yijing, orindainter2004, bensozia, mayprodrigo, purepaty, bellslomography, ignazioteatroperra, badjuju, bnjmn, sexyinred, lawypop, holygrail, mattgetsit, davidobryan, minilidia, lostlittlekid, retart, tsingtao, dikasapi, holgardo, saracruz, uptv, lomoculture, djramsay, luxxx, n_aish, fram, elinapedaja, undiscovered, xgitte, adi_totp & grimoldieu

These 50 images will be featured in the special Bombay Show Pig exhibit in the Lomography Gallery Store in Amsterdam, but that’s not all! They’re also in the race for these awesome prizes:

  • 1 of the 5 best pictures will be crowned the Grand Winner during the event. He or she will be getting a La Sardina DIY camera that will be personally customized by Mathias and Linda! You will own the one and only Bombay Show Pig camera!
  • That winning picture will be on the cover of the next Bombay Show Pig EP!!!
  • The Lomographers of the 5 best pictures will get 15 piggies each to spend in the Lomography Online Shop

Mathias and Linda also wanted to thank you guys personally!

“Dear Lomographers,
We had a blast reviewing your photos! Thank you for letting us peek into your lives. We’ve met your friends, your lovers, your bare feet; we even went on a beautiful summer holiday with you.

We’ve selected 50 photos out of the almost 750 entries. The criteria we used to select these include artistic value, interpretation of the ‘duo’ theme, and maybe most important: personal preference. There is no ‘best’ photo in our opinion, just like there’s no ‘best’ music. It’s all personal. That’s the beauty of it!

On February 8th the winning photos will be exhibited on a special party at the Lomography Gallery Store in Amsterdam. We’ll be there to pick a cover for our upcoming remix EP. Invitations are on their way, looking forward to see you there!

Kindest regards,

Linda & Mathias (Bombay Show Pig)"

More info on the special Bombay Show Pig event on Friday February 8th of 2013 will be published in the online magazine as soon as possible.

Want to participate in competitions, win awesome prizes and feed your inspirational fuel? Then keep checking the 'rumbles' in the magazine! Piggies, camera’s, eternal fame, it’s all available at Lomography!

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    crossfingers for @giovannidecarlo skulls!

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    wow! Thank you :D

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    wooooooooooooW I'm very happy !!! Thanks guys !
    @superlighter we cross, we cross ! :p

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    @tsingtao The winners will be announced during the Bombay show pig event on March 1st! The article's in Dutch, but maybe you can use google translate :)…

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    Thanks for the info @desibel!

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