Spring Cleaning: Organize Your Film Goodies in Gift Boxes


Before you go into summer vacation mode, here’s an idea on how to keep your negatives, films, and other analogue goodies tidy: use the pretty gift boxes you got from the holidays to store your stuff! Keep clutter at bay while recycling materials to boot!

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Spring is nearly over which means summer is just around the corner. If you’re not packing your bags for your next destination, here’s something you can do while on staycation. Since we’re way away from gift-giving holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s, etc., I’m sure there are boxes lying around your house from all the presents you received.

I was a lucky to get some lovely pairs of shoes which came in equally pretty boxes that I just couldn’t bear to throw away. So the pack-rat in me decided to keep them for a while until I realized that they would make eye-catching organizers for my messy film goodies that were in dire need of proper storage!

First, I got all my data CDs and properly labelled them. The lab where I get my films processed scans and digitzes the negatives after development but I always get so excited to look at the pictures that I forget to label them afterwards. So I spent a couple of hours going through disc after disc so I could identify those rolls. Once done, I tucked them away in chronological order in the orange Silvia Tcherassi shoe box and decided that this is where all backup CDs should go.

Next, I took all my negatives from when I began shooting in film again (2010!) and archived them into film fans so I could easily check them out. I also labelled them per occasion/event/content just like the CDs and then put them in clear plastic bags by year. Then into the hot pink Betsey Johnson box they went as this is now my default negatives container.

While this probably isn’t the most systematic storage option, I’m thinking it’s the best way to keep them away from dust, water, and light. And isn’t that floral tissue paper just sassy?

In addition to archiving, I also got to fixing my current film stash which you can read about here: Store Your Rolls In A Film Case! (I will also be writing about how I keep my cameras and all these boxes later on so stay tuned!)

Lastyly, I found some chocolate and candy boxes which I’ve decided to use for empty film canisters. These little vials are actually practical to have around the house as you can DIY them for many projects (just check out the Tipsters section for ideas) and use them for various purposes. It’s just a hassle to have them on tabletops and have a bunch of them all topple over if you nudge them by accident, so housing them in boxes makes keeps them handy and uncluttered, and also convenient to bring to the recycling center in case you decide you don’t need them anymore.

So there you have it! From having all these film goodies all over my desks, cabinets, and drawers, they are now neatly stored and accordingly labelled in stylish boxes in a corner of my room! It’s now easier for me to search for specific CDs and find certain negatives so go on and do your own spring cleaning today!

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