10 Hilarious Holiday Family Portraits

2012-12-21 5

Christmas is probably the season when we take the most photos. Whether it’s to remember hideous holiday sweaters, to immortalize gluttonous feasts, or to document cheesy/crazy moments of togetherness, count on a relative to document the yuletide shenanigans. These funny family portraits are 10 perfect examples!

We’ve all put on red and/or green outfits one holiday or another, but this family takes the cake for looking like they just escaped Christmastown. Nice overalls.

What about this clan that decided to dress up as the Christmas tree instead of chopping one down? Way to save the environment, but little sis doesn’t seem too cheery about it.

These folks look like they took a cue from the Von Trapp family and turned their curtains into Christmas outfits. They probably count singing “Edelweiss” as one of their favourite things, too.

Let’s not forget that pets are part of the family as well so be sure to include them in your photos! Another thing you shouldn’t forget? Your pants.

This brood definitely loves dogs and they made sure to include every single mutt in the frame. Happy puppy holidays!

Some households are a little more low-key but still find a way to incorporate their shared interests in their portrait theme. For instance, the family that listens to Yoda together, Star Wars together.

How’s this for a white Christmas? I don’t know about you but I think I’d be terrified if people came out of my gift boxes!

Speaking of snow, these tough guys were game to chill with Frosty and flex their pecs for a shot.

Forget Winter Wonderlands—check out this family’s summery and swim-tastic season’s greeting!

Lastly, this. Happy Holidays!

Sourced from Damn Cool Pictures.

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