Ilford Will Manufacture 35mm Cassettes in the UK Again

2012-12-19 1

Good news for anyone enjoying analogue photography and black and white shots in particular! British-based company Ilford has announced that it will make cassettes for 35mm film in its very own factory.

Like Lomography, Ilford is commited to keeping film alive. After announcing two new disposable black and white cameras earlier this month, the company has issued a press statement saying that it has invested over 350.000 British pounds in its own cassette manufacturing facility. Great news for analogue photographers all around the world!

Photo via BelieveInFilm

Ilford has not manufactured 35mm film cassettes in the United Kingdom since the early 1960s. According to the press release, the facility is already up and working, manufacturing film cassettes at the company’s factory in Mobberley, Cheshire, England. Peter Elton, managing director of Harman Technology is quoted as saying: “This is just another example of our ongoing commitment to traditional monochrome photography. We are now able to manufacture our own cassettes and this gives us, and our customers, improved security for the future of film production."

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All information for this article was taken from the Ilford Press Room.

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I am an avid B&W film user, so this news makes me very happy! Huzzah

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