2.1 Million Black Dots: Painting an Unknown Man

2012-12-21 2

There are two reasons that make this story truly remarkable. It revolves around a man who has lost his identity and has been trying to find out who he is for the past eight years. It also includes an artist trying to help him who has created a portrait of the man using single black dots only.

Artists find inspiration for their work in a lot of places. For Miguel Endara, the inspiration for one of his latest works came when he saw a short movie about a man who has lost his identity and for the past eight years has struggled to get it back. Taken by his story, Endara decided to create a portrait of the unknown man. Instead of using a brush to create it though, all he used were single black dots made with a pen.

The unknown man on Endara’s portrait has adopted the name Benjamin Kyle. After he was found in the back of a fast food restaurant in Georgia, it was determined that he suffers from dissociative amnesia. Since he did not carry any belongings with him when he was found, authorities and doctors could not establish his identity. Even after much media attention and a short movie about his story, he is still the only U.S. citizen reported missing while his whereabouts are known.

We featured artist Miguel Endara before, when he created a portrait of his father, also consisting solely of single black dots. After watching the short movie about the missing man now living under the pseudonym Benjamin Kyle, he was inspired to make yet another portrait using this technique to raise awareness of Benjamin Kyle’s fate.

All information for this article were sourced from This Is Colossal.

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