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2012-12-18 1

Naomac from Australia tells us all about her magical love story with the Lomo L-CA+. Read on after the jump to find out why she prefers it over all the other Lomography Cameras she owns.

Credits: naomac

“My favourite camera is the Lomo LC-A+ it have always called it the magic camera and is the one I pick to take anywhere above the others.

The reason I love it is, I know I am going to get more good/weird/interesting shots from it no matter what film is inside and in whatever situation than my other cameras I’m not the most knowledgable photographer and I am often known not to forget change the film speed but it doesn’t matter with this camera it will create something interesting no matter how much of a hack you are.

Credits: naomac

I also love adding the Splitzer it is the best $20 I have spent in the Online Shop. I recently went on a holiday to europe and uk and had to decide what camera’s to take and I ended up taking my Lomo LC-A+ and Lomo LC-Wide I took both because I couldn’t decide between the two and because they are just the best all round cameras, I just wish the Lomo LC-Wide had the grooves to add the splitzer then that would have been my favourite. My friend always say why don’t I just use a digital camera and photoshop but there is no way I could ever have created or imagined the positions and outcomes of the double exposures, or the cross processed colours of the slide film this camera creates.

Credits: naomac

I would recommend the Lomo LC-A+ to anyone really even as a first Lomography camera. My first Lomography cameras were a Fisheye and Supersampler, and when I got back my first shots I was disappointed that they didn’t look anything like they great photo’s on the lomo site this was probably because I had know Idea about photography but when I got my Lomo LC-A+ the shots that came out were good and got better the more films I sot and this renewed my enthusiasm to continue, experiment and learn more. Even though lomography tempts me with new camera’s to buy and I love buying and playing with them I always go back to my Lomo LC-A+ and use it the most.

As I said it’s the magic camera."


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