Belgian Street Artist Makes a Mark for Iconic Silent Movie Metropolis

2012-12-18 1

A lot of people like hanging up a few movie posters in their place to pay tribute to the flicks that they really like. A Belgian street artist took his appreciation for the silent movie Metropolis even further and created a huge drawing inspired by the movie on a large window in the Belgian city of Bruges.

Some works of art continue to influence people for generations onwards. Fritz Lang’s silent movie, Metropolis, which was released in 1927 certainly is such a piece of art. With its iconic images, its story about a humanoid robot and its dystopian futuristic setting, it has secured itself a place in movie history.

Imagery from the movie or inspired by can be seen anywhere, even 85 years after its release. People living in the Belgian city of Bruges will be reminded of Lang’s movie even more these days. Belgian street artist Strook has created a massive drawing, appropriately called Metropolis, and only used white marker to paint it.

What makes this story even more impresssive is that he did so on top of a large scaffold since he drew on one of the largest windows of Bruges’ concert hall. When seen against a light source, the white paint of the drawing seems black and with changing light sources throughout a day, the look of the drawing changes as well.

Strook also created a video showcasing how he made this impressive drawing.

All information for this article was sourced from This Is Colossal and Strook's homepage..

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