Foros Park of Lovers


Not far from the mountain Dragon on the west, in a 45 km from Yalta, at the foot of majestic mountain was sheltered Foros, the small resort settlement of the city type. The lines of resort settlement purchased Foros at the end of XIX age. Musicians and artists arrived here.

One of the main riches of this resort is Foros park. There are many representatives of subtropical flora, artificial lakes, fountains, arbors in a luxurious park.

Foros beach — pebble, with the picturesque located rocky wreckage’s in the water and on shore. There are covers sun, rest rooms, bar on the territory of beach. It is possible for an additional charge to play billiards, have a cocktail. Summer on YUBK – it not three months in a calendar. A summer continues from May to November. If you want to arrive to Crimea in warm time of the year, so I want to give you one useful advice – not try to come to Crimea in a “high season”.
Problems of the “high season”:
- Prices rise on 50-100%.
- Many people arrive – there are turns, problems with an accommodation, beaches are overloaded.
- At this time hire often casual people, service quality of customers falls.
- Streets and beaches becomes dirty – yardman do not cope with such “ avalanche” of garbage.
Because of that appears complaints about the rest in Crimea, although many problems of rest are characteristic only for the “high season”.

There are sanatoriums, hotels, cafe, excursion programs, in Foros in winter. Streets and beaches become cleaner, air fresher. Temperate-dry the subtropical climate of the Mediterranean type determines the character of the local evergreen flora.

Higher than Foros, there is an elegant church of Ascension costs Christly on the single Red cliff. A temple is erected in 1892, by the project of architect academician N.M. Chagina. Being in such place it is possible to say Shangri-la, You want to dream and enjoy every day. Sea noise, warm wind flirting with a foliage, magic sunsets, and no less colorful rising. Twitter of birds which fluently overflow in singing, gently wakes you up, rays of the sun are playing on your pillow, they only wait your awakening, and enjoy together to the new magic day. Sea…sea… It waits you, You can dipped in his fresh embrace and learn to fly, Yep Yep exactly to fly …, incredible feeling….I can talk about wonderful moments infinitely, but nothing could compare with the real impressions. Arrive and you will believe all is possible ….

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