Ian Ruther Converts a Holga into a Wet Plate Camera

2012-12-19 4

Ian Ruhter, Wet Plate photographer and “Alchemist”, has done it again! This time, it’s not huge metal sheets he’s working with in his camera truck but the much lighter Holga camera! After the jump check out this latest feat in his Silver & Light project.

Ian Ruhter has modified the basic Holga camera into a wet plate Collodion camera. All that’s needed is vinyl tape and square metal plates which you can acquire at wet plate supply stores, to fit the Holga format!

Below is a how-to video made by Ruhter which includes him taking his creation out for a test run!

There’s always something so gratifying about doing something, such as shooting, the way the generations before us did because most often we dedicate more than double the amount of time to completing the action and, as a result, understand and gain more from the experience. Below are the results! Aren’t the photos “timeless”? I’m definitely peeping (with my own cat eye glasses) into the 50s and not 2012!

Of his newly fashioned Holga, Ruhter states, as on his Facebook page, “I’m kinda hooked on this Lomography stuff.” We’re kind of addicted to your works too, Ruhter!

Be sure to check out our recent interview with Ruhter: Ian Ruhter and His Camera Truck, and follow Ruther’s latest works on his blog.

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  1. basch75
    basch75 ·

    this is just so awesome!!!!

  2. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    outstanding! it´s like i want to try it immediately. but there are a few other things too i want to try and that are now on my to-do-list.

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  4. arf-nrhkm
    arf-nrhkm ·

    so fortunate to be able to do this for a living. keep up the great job!

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