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2013-01-01 1

This month we were asked to write a bit about our aspirations for the coming year in Lomography. Read on to find out the three things I am hoping to achieve next year.

Credits: kneehigh85

Firstly, I think next year I would really like to win something here on Lomography. I have had POTD UK once and been LHOTD internationally. I also won a Newbie Shooters Rumble quite some time ago with the photo you can see below. These things all felt really great and I would love to win something in 2013 to give me a bit of a boost and help me to remember to keep taking photos, building up my Lomohome and submitting to contests in the coming year.

Credits: kneehigh85

I had also been planning on becoming a “master of pinhole photography” quite some time ago now and to say it has not come off would be a massive understatement. I got a Diana Multi Pinhole Operator quite early on in my Lomographic career and although I wasn’t too good with exposure times, etc. I got some shots from it that I was pleased with. However, I have since built a plastic pinhole 35 mm camera and not even run one single roll through it and I have yet to experiment with the color gel filters on the Diana. Although I know I probably wont be a total “master” next year, I would just like to be a little bit better in this area.

Some pinhole Diana shots I have taken, with varying degrees of success

The other thing I have been really trying to get better at lately is my double exposures. I am not sure quite how to explain this so I will do it using examples. A lot of my doubles look a bit like this one:

Credits: kneehigh85

By “like this one” what I mean is with the building/subject at the top and at the bottom and a bit of sky in the middle. Which I do like and I have a few doubles in my home like this which I love and are really really popular. However, what I am struggling to grasp is how to make my doubles more like this one (which incidentally is the first double I ever consciously took and have been trying to recreate ever since):

Credits: kneehigh85

In this one it looks more like the things meet in the middle and then there is sky at the top and the bottom, and generally I much prefer these kind of shots. If we look at some examples from my favorite lomographer ever — hodachrome — he has a lot like this:

Credits: hodachrome

Fortunately for me, this lovely lomo guy from Japan has written some tutorials, so this is definitely something I intend to get onto in 2013.

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