2012: My Analogue Year


2012 has been my second and best year of Lomography so far. It has been a year of experiments, travel and buying new lomo gear! Read on to find out more about some of the highlights of my analogue 2012.

I have been lucky enough this year to be able to travel quite a lot and experience some amazing things. Writing this has made me look back at all of the things I have done this year, over all it’s been pretty good! Here are some of the highlights

Getting a *Spinner 360":http://shop.lomography.com/cameras/spinner-360-cameras from those hard earned piggy points. I absolutely love this camera! It has captured some amazing memories, I love the sprockety goodness! Here a few images from a trip to the zoo and a weekend in Morocco.

With May arrived my birthday, I had no time to feel sorry for myself being one year older – I had received the best present I’ve ever had, my very own LC-A! This has been my go to camera ever since. I love the lens and the great vignettes on my pictures. I’ve even got the little trick to do multiple exposures to work a few times!

June arrived with some rare warm weather and I wanted to make the most of this. I had heard and seen so many amazing results from film destroys that I thought it was time I had a go myself. Armed with a film that had been cooked up in lemon juice and my Olympus Trip we set out to discover Kingley Vale. These pictures are the ones that have made me happiest in 2012. I had no idea if anything would even turn out, but their beautiful!

Summer arrived and so did the London 2012 Olympics hype. I was lucky enough to bag some tickets to two events and went armed with my LC-A. Sadly, the best shots were taken on the walk there!

Keen to keep up the experimenting I decided to try some DIY redscale and after a small battle in a blacked out bathroom, I managed to get some great shots.

There are so many more images and stories I would love to share with you: Radio 1’s Big weekend, travels to Ireland and Barcelona, experiments with my SuperSampler but I fear you may already be bored. Pictures speak a thousand words so I’ll let them do the talking.

Now for 2013, my sprocket rocket has arrived and I’m currently saving for an LC-A Instant Back+. Who knows what the next year will hold!

Happy shooting in 2013!

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