20 Festive Spinner 360° Photos

2012-12-17 1

Since we’re now in the season of merriment, we thought of sharing with you some festive-looking photos taken using various Lomography cameras. Today, we bring you some photos shot with the Spinner 360°! Are you ready for a whirlwind of fun?

Credits: cyanwater, 12_12, satomi, russheath, sinvertigo, ivieux, bxlomo, annita, elenakulikova, aletheafu, deelomo, lawypop, daitita, farbrauschen, lieksin & lomography-taichung

Another year is about to end and we’re going through our photo archives looking back on all the fun 2012 had to offer! From New Year celebrations, to spring break and summer vacations, to holidays and festivals and staycations in between… Capturing all those fun moments in time were made much more enjoyable with analogue cameras like the Spinner 360°! Let loose with food and booze as this camera will do the dizzying 360-degree capturing for you!

Go beyond the confines of standard panoramas with the Lomography Spinner 360°! Just hold the camera in one hand, pull the cord with the other and release it. In one split second, the camera spins 360 degrees on its own axis, capturing every detail around you on 35mm film – The result is a super-wide angle image, 4x longer than a standard landscape photo!

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