Mari Moon


The second photo shoot with MTV Brazil’s VJ Mari Moon. Check out the shots after the jump!

I’ve had the happy opportunity to do another analouge photo shoot with Mari and, in order not to be the same, I’ve decided to change cameras and try to do something different (except the LC-A, which is always in my photo shoots!). I’ve decided to use the Spinner 360° and a professional analouge reflex with fixed 50mm lens.

The location chosen was Beco do Batman (Batman’s Alley), in Vila Madalena (Sao Paulo). If you have never been there, don’t lose the opportunity! I’m sure you’re going to enjoy the experience. Another great part of the Alley is that it is close to the bars of Vila Mariana. So, if you’re not into graffiti, you already have a great pretext to pass by!

written by jorgesato on 2013-01-23 #lifestyle #vj #cores #mari-moon
translated by thierri

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