Divino's Party


Ready for a traditional celebration? Here’s a photo gallery for Divino’s Party (Festa do Divino) in São Luís do Paraitinga (Brazil).

From Wikipedia: “Divino’s Party is a cult to the Holy Spirit, in its several manifestations, it is one of the oldest e most widespread practices of popular catholicism”.

This means two things: a sea of culture and lots of shots the way Lomography likes: explosive colors and lots of contrast. It is a must-see! This party happens in several places and different states, but I use to go to São Luís de Paraitinga (in the state of São Paulo) because the city is already a prepared setting to receive the festival.

Stay tuned because it happens in May during a whole week. It is on its last day that the congadas (typical dances) happens for real and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it. It is so much happening at the same time that I suggest that you drink chamomile tea before you take the camera out of you backpack because the mind goes a million miles.

Here’s another tip: have an early lunch or take some snacks because it is a bad idea to eat in “conventional” times, since there are a lot of tourists in the region and the restaurants cannot deal with such demand at once.

written by jorgesato on 2013-01-28 #lifestyle #interior #cultura #tradicional #festa-do-divino
translated by thierri

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