My Analogue 2012: A Recap


I think 2012 has been the most analogue year of my 23-year-long-life. Well, probably my childhood years have been way more analogue, but this time I actively participated in being analogue. So, here is a little summary of my very analogue 2012, one picture for every month.

Credits: merelgroebbe


Shooting my graduation collection. Shot by myself and entirely on film. It took me quite some courage but I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Credits: merelgroebbe


Me, my boyfriend and my new Diana Mini visiting a very cold and beautiful Berlin as a birthday gift.

Credits: merelgroebbe


After-graduation-before-job depression. Living in my PJ’s, just shooting my day to day routine to keep me busy (and alive).

Credits: merelgroebbe


Welcome to this world my little boedha <3 (after this I could have chosen one of my hundreds of cat pictures to fill up the rest of the year — I will try not to do that)!

Credits: merelgroebbe


Beaches in spring are the most beautiful, especially when captured with a brand new Diana Multi Pinhole Operator (getting pinhole-addicted)!

Credits: merelgroebbe


First real summer vibes!!! roadtripping x lomography = the best match!

Credits: merelgroebbe


ActionSamplers and kittens are the best combination!!! Add sunshine to the equation and it’s lomography madness! Now I went totally kitten-crazy because we brought the little boy home this month — 24/7 time to shoot this bundle of JOY!

Credits: merelgroebbe


Summer with my new LC-A+ (lots of new cameras this year…)!

Credits: merelgroebbe


A fresh start after the summer and loads of new plans involving writing with this very analogue beauty. Maybe the first lomography x poetry book!

Credits: merelgroebbe


Fall… Colors explode and fade afterwards.

Credits: merelgroebbe


Grey, rainy Holland. But with the new Belair Jetsetter, Even grey looks good!

Credits: merelgroebbe


The boy slowly becomes a man. But not less good to photograph (here with Belair Jetsetter). I actually need to wait for the December pictures because I will travel to Mexico at the end of December. The cameras and films are already packed, so see you in 2013!

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