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2012-12-18 1

The Lomography Gallery Store Milan hosted an exhibition never seen before. After winning the " Win your Space Competition", two young girls from Milan won the whole space reserved for our ‘workshop’ area, and for a whole month they presented their product, a nice tie who goes by the name “Bavatta”

Francesca Nigro and Federica Oronti

Francesca Nigro e Federica Oronti are two Milanese designers head of the project Bavatta.

Bavatta was created after studying the the ability to capture the input that a body in movement has to offer. The project consists of a collection of ties with an ironic twist and captivating design aimed to break the patterns with it’s young spirit to the world that revolves around the elegance of a uniform. Bavatta in fact comes from the observation of the lunch break, the business man, which generally tends to move the tie to the side to eat without staining their shirts.

During this month at the Lomography Gallery Store Milan , they held a series of workshops for “stain” the bavatta.

While trying all sorts of delicious soups , the students of NABA, guided by the designers participated in a workshop called “OPS-operation to get dirty” creating new cutlery for meals to be worn with the “Bavatta”, while maintaining all its integrity and professionalism in appearance, turns into a bib, made ​​of waxed fabric, easy to clean and stain-resistant.

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