Make Room for the Winter With a Horizon Camera!


Winter is no excuse to leave your camera at home. Go out and take photos of some of those things that only winter brings you. Our two panoramic cameras, the Horizon Kompakt and Perfekt are ideal to snap the winter beauty. And right now, they are both 30% off! All the more reason to go panoramic.

Wintertime yields lots of great photo opportunities. Try going for a walk when there is enough sun and you’ll have to try hard not to get the twitches in your shutter finger. A good panoramic camera will make sure you can get all of the winter beauty that’s out there on your film in one image. The Horizon cameras will be your perfect companion!

The Horizon Kompakt and Perfekt are both the only Russian panoramic cameras produced today, and the only truly affordable panoramic cameras. And the great thing is: They just got more affordable! We are now offering a 30% discount on both Horizons. The Horizon Kompakt makes it super-easy to shoot panoramic with its fixed aperture and focus. The prime choice for panoramic professionals, the Horizon Perfekt lets you chose the aperture and shutter settings.

written by bohlera on 2012-12-14 #news #black-and-white #kompakt #panorama #panoramic #analogue-photography #horizon #horizon-perfekt #analogue-cameras #35mm-films

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