All Advent Deals are Yours for One Weekend!


Since December 1st, our Advent Calender has been providing you with discounts on some of our most popular cameras. This weekend only, you can take advantage of all the previous deals one more time!

Have you missed some of the deals in our advent calendar? No reason to frown, you can still save some money on your favorite camera. Because for this weekend, we’re unlocking all past discount codes. So get yourself over to our online shop and don’t forget to use the discount code before checkout. Here are all the past deals and discount codes:

Credits: filby

24% on any Fisheye Cameras including the Fisheye Baby | CODE: FISHEYE24

23% on any Diana Mini Camera | CODE: MINI23

22% on any Black & White or Color Negative Film | CODE: BWCN22

21% on any Sprocket Rocket Camera | CODE: ROCKET21

20% on Camera Accessories or Fashion Accessories | CODE: ACC20

19% on any plastic La Sardina Cameras | CODE: SARDINA19

18% on any LomoKino | CODE: LOMOKINO18

17% on any Film | CODE: FILM17

16% on any Spinner 360° | CODE: SPINNER16

15% on the LC-A+ | CODE: LCA15

14% on any Instant Camera or Instant Back | CODE: INSTANT14

13% on the LC-Wide | CODE: LCWIDE13

12% on any Diana F+ Camera | CODE: DIANA12

11% on any Metal La Sardina | CODE: SARDINA11

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*Please note: Only one voucher code may be used per order

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