A Visit From Boris At Your Place


Boris the pass-on-Lomo’s first year is over. High time for a new adventure! No more Famous Dutchmen, art directors, or hip politicians from The Hague, now it’s up to you! Do you want to take care of Boris for two weeks and with that test the most populair lomo camera ever? Sign up!

During the past year Boris the pass-on-Lomo has undergone the most exciting adventures with 15 special individuals. Rapperboss Willem de Bruin for example took Boris with him to the boxingschool in Amsterdam, where every sturdy man goes. SP Member of Parliament Wouter Groot Koerkamp neatly introduced Boris to Emiel Roemer and with the king of textballoons Kakhiel Boris had his first drag.

These are all of Boris’ adventures in 2012 lined up:

  1. Bon vivant and human snowball Omar Kbiri
  2. Dutch lomographer Pien van Dis
  3. Illustrational genius Lize Korpershoek a.k.a. Lizepietje
  4. Master of textballoons Kakhiel
  5. Copywriter Ilse Beekhof
  6. Rapper Willem de Bruin
  7. Band Bat Country
  8. Grafic designer Freshco
  9. DJ and producer Sotu the Traveller
  10. Graphix artist Roxanne Dekker
  11. Designer Patricia Hofstede
  12. Artist and museumdirector Aukje Dekker
  13. Architect and former Rietveld Academy teacher Paul van den Berg
  14. SP policy official Wouter Groot Koerkamp
  15. Artacademy teacher Rana Ghavami

But our favourite camera is going to change his tack entirely in 2013. These art directors, tough illustrators and hip rappers are all outdated. He wants to visit all the lomographers from the Benelux community. Yes, that’s right. He wants to stay with you guys! Whether you live in Haarlem, Breda, Antwerp or Maastricht, it doesn’t matter! Boris is going to travel criss-cross through the entire Benelux! Do you want to accomodate Boris the pass-on-lomo for two weeks? Register now and Boris will visit you. He starts in Amsterdam, but where will he go first???

Sign up!

Sign up by leaving a comment at the bottom of the Dutch article in which you indicate clearly where you live in the Benelux. Make sure you do this at the very latest on the 31st of December. On wednesday the *2nd of January 2013" Boris will announce his travelplans on lomography.nl. If you’re on the list, you can show Boris around for two weeks. In those two weeks, we expect you to do the following:

  1. Take good care of Boris and don’t take your eye off him in those two weeks.
  2. Choose your favourite film from your fridge and shoot it with Boris.
  3. Become friends with Boris via his LomoHome, follow him on facebook and twitter and make sure the entire Benelux community knows when you have your ‘two weeks of fame’ with Boris.
  4. After the last photo, fill in Boris’ Departure Card. Boris will have quite a few of these with him when he arrives.
  5. Post the filled out Departure Card together with your exposed film to Lomography at Herengracht 298 in Amsterdam. There the LomoLab will develop your film at their expenses. Then, those pictures and the departure card will be transformed into a cool article.
  6. Arrange a date with the next lomographer who will take care of Boris – check the list of his travelplans – and make sure Boris gets to him or her safely. It’s allowed to post him, but an analogue date is even more fun!
  7. Make those two weeks with Boris unforgettable!

What you can do with Boris the pass-on-lomo? Well, you can take him with you to your job for example, or to your neighbour for a cup of sugar, to the local disco for a wild night out or surprise your first date with Boris’ company during a candlelight-dinner. Whatever you want to do with Boris – It’s all up to you. Exciting, right?

So quickly sign up and await wednesday the 2nd of January. On that day, Boris will announce where he will go.

Secretly, Boris is just a Lomo LC-A+ who has become worldfamous for his amazing features: automatic exposure, extensive ISO range and the possibility of multiple and longer exposures. Do you want your own Boris a.k.a. Lomo LC-A+? Order him now in the online shop!

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translated by undiscovered

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