My 2012 in Analogue: A Year of Acquisition and Experimentation

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2012 saw a lot of photographic action from me. I acquired half a dozen new cameras, learned some new, and fun techniques, and shot hundreds of pictures. I even made my own website to document it all.

Looking back at 2012

2011 saw return to the analogue world after a long absence, and in 2012 I took it a bit further. New cameras, new tricks, new pictures. It has been a fun year! Let me introduce you to my newest family members:

Solargraph cam

After reading about this picture, I decided to try this out myself. With the help of a pinhole camera and photo paper, I would record the course of the sun over several months. To my own surprise, it actually worked!

Credits: stratski

Diana Mini

Early this year, I decided I wanted a small, lightweight camera to take on hikes so I bought a Diana Mini. It documented my trips to Norway and Greenland beautifully. But it turned out to be so much more! Experimenting with endless panoramas, double exposures, splitzers has been so much fun this past year.

Credits: stratski


A good friend lent me his amazing Widelux 1500 camera, sort of like a Horizon Perfekt, but in medium format. It’s huge, it’s heavy, and it’s wonderful. It’ll be hard giving this back to my friend…

Credits: stratski

Olympus Twin – Olympus Mju – Agfamatic 2008

I started visiting the local thrift store more often, and found some little gems there. The Olympus AF-10 Twin looked funny, but it’s pictures are what you expect from an Olympus: excellent quality. So when the next time at the store, I saw a pristine looking Olympus Mju, I didn’t hesitate. It had the sleek looks of a modern digital camera, but analogue!

And I finally got caught up in the 110-craze. I just couldn’t resist the Agfamatic 2008. It almost makes fiddling with those awful tiny negatives worthwhile…

Credits: stratski

Spinner 360 – Holga

Then, a few months ago, I had gathered enough piggies for another shopping spree at the Lomography Shop. The Spinner 360° and the Holga had been winking at me, luring me into the shop, and finally I succumbed. A happy decision, as they are wonderful toys.

Credits: stratski

But my year hasn’t been just about raving consumerism, I’ve been creative as well. The most important thing for me this year was realizing that it doesn’t take a lot of effort or money to have a lot of fun with photography. I’ve tried a lot of new techniques and tricks that I read here in tipsters or on, and though they didn’t always turn out as I expected, I always had fun doing it. A few of my projects:

I made a splitzer for my Diana Mini and tried different things with it. It’s fun!

Credits: stratski


After succesfully reviving my Agfa Rapid cameras last year, I tried the same withe my Agfamatic. It took a little bit more tinkering, but I did it. It still needs some work, but it’s a start.

Credits: stratski


Not a very cheap experiment, I admit. By far the most expensive film I ever bought, and I had to purchase a orange filter as well. But the results are beautiful. I’m saving my last roll for some special occasion.

Credits: stratski

Reflekta refurbish

I refurbished my old Reflekta with wallpaper. It looks super I think!

Disposable camera hack

It saves to keep old junk lying about! I took a used disposable camera and hacked it withe the help of It now takes multiple exposures, has a B setting, and can be re-used as often as I want. It only took a screwdriver, some string, and black tape.

Credits: stratski

Panoramas and microclicks

I tried the endless panoramas as soon as I got my Diana Mini, and immediately fell in love with the technique. Lately, with my Holga, I’ve also tried some microclick experiments. Definitely something I’ll try again.

Credits: stratski


Since I like to document all my camera’s and experiments, and I also like tinkering with HTML and CSS, I decided to put it all together on a brand new website. It doesn’t have a very inspiring URL yet, but hey, we can’t all have a cool name like

So there you have it, my 2012. It’s been a full and busy year, and I hope 2013 will be just as full and busy! If you all will keep on writing inspiring tipsters and uploading amazing pictures, I’m sure my wish will come true.

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  1. sixsixty
    sixsixty ·

    Great year! That Widelux 1500 looks amazing!

  2. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Nice, Hope your 2013 is as fun or better.

  3. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Wonderful article, wonderful year!!

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