Jakob Wagner: A View from Above


When taking about “unique perspectives” in Art it might be hard to pinpoint a contemporary example that is truly the first of its kind. Photographers who’ve been in the field for a longtime often cite that budding photographers follow the pack, though this is also not a truism as we aren’t the ones to determine the underlying message and inspiration behind another person’s creation. After the jump, let Jakob Wagner show you his angle on famous locations through his photographs.

Images via Jakob Wagner

In Wagner’s series Nightscapes, the German photographer shows famous cities all over the world masked in the shadows of the night (illuminated by artificial light). The scope of these photos are larger-than-life and aren’t any-old cityscape aimed to lure tourists from afar to the projected, glittering cities but capture the elements that residents of the city experience, such as fog from pollution, on a day-to-day basis, as shown with the fog bordering the skyscrapers in the above photo of Shanghai.

Images via Jakob Wagner

The above photos are from his Above China series. Without the title, would you have been able to figure out where in the world this was? Perhaps the cloud formations, for you cloud watchers out there, are special to this region and easy to distinguish, but for the rest of us, it sure is an interesting and silent way to experience China.

For more of Wagner’s photographs visit his website.

This article was inspired by a PetaPixel article.

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