Dreaming of a Lomo Holiday: I Want a Lomo LC-A+!

2012-12-18 3

Christmas is coming. It’s time to hang those colorful Christmas socks and make a wish. Mr Santa, I wish to get a Lomo LC-A+ for the holidays… No no no, I WANT a Lomo LC-A+ to be with me in the future days. I wish Mr. Santa will let my dream come true.

Mr. Santa asked me, why the Lomo LC-A+? Because I was poisoned by our beloved lomographers. They did many great photographs by LC-A+. The features of LC-A+ got me addict to it. Let’s see why I like the LC-A+ now.

Credits: t0m7

The LC-A+ performs well in day and night time with its smart auto-exposure system. This lets me feel easy and delighted to take photos everywhere and anytime. Let me show you some great samples from Lomography’s library.

Credits: lawypop, blue-0610, japsix, bravebird & punck

Simply press B mode on the LC-A+ to play with long exposure. Long exposure always gives new life and new soul on photographs. It creates revolution to our city, our life and many things else. Long exposure photographs always give people a big WOW.

Credits: hodachrome, renaishashin & kokorotaro

LC-A+ always is the perfect match with cross processing. LC-A+ never disappoints us with its vivid color and awesome contrast outcome. Simply load a roll of slide film and go for cross processing later. There are countless great photos in Lomography, let me randomly pick some photos. It definitely will poison you, by the way.

Credits: gocchin, bravebird, anarchy, antibiotyx, grazie, lawypop & renaishashin

I never forget about the great feature: the multiple exposure (MX). I truly believe that not only me was addicted by our Lomography’s featured MX king, Mr. hodachrome. His MX lomographys always surprises us and make everything around us looks dreamy, fantastic, futuristic, and incredible. Don’t believe it? Let’s view some MX samples below and you will get what I mean.

Credits: hodachrome, lawypop & ccwu

I like swimming. So, underwater cameras are something interesting to me. Well, LC-A+ able to swim as well when it put on the LC-A+ Krab Underwater Casing. How good is it? Many lomographs seduce me and make me want to get the Krab and swim with me. Let’s have a look how at our lomographers swim with the LC-A+ Krab:

Credits: myloveletter, bccbarbosa, dakadev_pui & panelomo

Other than that, the LC-A+ allows us to play with many other accessories such as Wide Angle Lens and Instant Back+. The Wide Angle Lens can be attached and detached anytime; that’s how simple it is. Aside from that, it can be attach with instant back to take instant photographs. It is really convenience to us especially traveler.

Credits: beni, deng, achocolatemoose, bravebird & katafota

Oh my, I am so addicted to the LC-A+ now. Mr. Santa, I want a Lomo LC-A+ with the Krab, do you hear me?

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  1. saviorjosh
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    Well written!

  2. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    thanks @saviorjosh for like this article =)

  3. recai
    recai ·

    nice article.
    now, you're in ''dreaming LC-A+'' quarantine, too =)
    please Mr. Santa hear our wishes!!!

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