Kaukaniloko Birthing Stones: The Maker of Chiefs


A sacred place on Oahu is said to have brought great power to those born here.

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Located among the sugar cane and pineapple fields in the center of the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, lies a place sacred to Hawaiians for over 800 years: The Kaukaniloko Birth Stones. Locals refer to it simply as the Birthing Stones.

A state park since 1992, and nationally-recognized historic place, this 5-acre site was where the Ali’i (chiefs) of Hawaii brought their children to be born. Having your birth here could boost your child’s Mana (power), and propel them to greatness and perhaps king of the island someday. Oahu’s Lo Ali’i (highest of chiefs) lived in a site named Lihu’e nearby from 1400-1500 AD.

A short drive north from the town of Wahiawa, lies a short turn off to your left to a dirt road.

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As you approach the site, the sound of the cars disappear quickly, the cane swaying in the cooler mountain breeze is all you hear. Many say you can feel something special about the place. Large stones and a tree grove are the central point of the area. If you look carefully, you will see carvings in the rocks.

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This site once held a Heiau (Hawaiian Temple) that did not survive. Among the trees are the most sacred of the stones, where offerings are made by tourist and Hawaiians alike. Again, if you look at the rocks you will see sacred carvings deep in the rocks.

Ki leaf wrapped offerings and a few western gifts on a nearby stump

I am not Hawaiian, but I could see and feel the atmosphere here. I could imagine why the Ali’i would chose a site like this to hold special.

From here, you can also see the Waianae range of Western Oahu.

Credits: neanderthalis

Days after I visited the Birthing Stones, a brush fire broke out, but the sacred grove was left untouched to the relief of many.

Please consider seeing this site on Oahu as a hidden low cost treasure of the Hawaiian Culture.

Taken with the Lubitel 166+ and Lomo 120 XPRO 200.

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