Lomography Recap: June 2012

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You might have missed some of the most read articles and most liked photos from Lomography in 2012 so catch up with our year-end recaps and take a look at the most popular content from the Magazine this year. Check out what created a buzz in June!

Top Photos of June 2012

We have a monthly summary of the most popular uploads but these are the lovely photos that made you hit the “Like” button in June!

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Throughout June, we released a series of teasers in anticipation of the newest member of our analogue family, the Fisheye Baby 110, Lomography’s first 110 format camera! You also enjoyed more gear-related stories like Leica x Lego and Holga Meets Olga in FHM, as well as historical articles like The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken. Community members also had fun participating in Lomography Quiz Week!

Analogue Lifestyle

Just like in the previous month, Brad Pitt once again made it to our top story list. This time, it was for his beautiful black and white portraits of Angelina Jolie and their kids. The Lomography Community Dictionary was also an interesting read, together with Sweet Innocent Smiles in Analogue, Summer Shots That'll Make You Want to Swim and Sweet Surreal Dream in Provia Colour. And in line with the Fisheye Baby 110 launch, there were a bunch of little stories about 110 film, tiny cameras, and all the small things!


We were obsessed with wide-angle lenses then and we published stories like Picture Perfection with the Lomo LC-Wide, See the World Wide with LC-Wide, and Battle of the Wide Angle Vivitars Part 1. Other cool reviews include the Holga 120 Pan, Canon EOS 3000n, Smena Symbol & 35, Ricoh KR5, Kodak Colorplus 200, and Diana Instant Back.


We were also all about color in June and we received tips on some creative techniques such as Imitating Revolog Kolor Film and Cross Processing. You can also try out beautiful double exposures, light painting with the La Sardina, timezone Splitzer, and Diana density filter. Don’t forget to read about how to archive your film negatives, creative corners of Instax albums, and 6 Elements of Design for Striking Photogaphs.


June saw Lomographers embarking on various photographic journeys and some of the spots visited were Venice, Paris, “goonie couch”, like Bali, Hawaii, and more. And Urban Adventures is a must-read!

What were your Lomography milestones this year? Tell us in a comment below or submit an article about your 2012 in analogue and get Piggies for shopping!

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