Photos Freshly taken by the Brand New Belair X 6-12


I always have a happy and excited feeling every time I get a brand new camera in hand. Recently, I took the Belair with me during my trip to Hehuan Mountain. Its lightweight makes it the perfect travel companion! A few days later, I collected the freshly developed photos from the lab and now, let’s take a look at my pictures together!

I was so excited to start my one man trip; I drove by myself to the famous Chinjing Farm in Taichung where I could enjoy the excellent scenery with range upon range of mountains. Not only do my Taiwanese friends love this place, but also people from Hong Kong as I met quite a lot of them in this travel hot spot.

The reason why Chinjing became so famous is that it gives us the feeling of being in Europe, it’s cool in summer and thus a great place to stay away from the hot weather. That’s why it’s always crowded with travelers during holidays!

One thing you can’t miss is the lovely sheep as Chinjing Farm is famous for the Sheep Show. I feel so relaxed when I see flocks of sheep eating grass slowly.

The photos above are taken from the first half roll. As I have mistakenly inserted the battery in the wrong way, these photos are taken without the auto exposure function. (Just a quick tip for you: even without the auto exposure system, you can still expose you film when there’s enough light or by taking multiple exposure shots!)

Traveling around by yourself and be impressed with the cityscape, and at the same time, getting to know more about your beloved camera, is just like having a nice talk with myself.

Please look forward to my second roll of 6×12 format Belair X 6-12 masterpiece!

We all love medium format photography, and that’s why we developed the brand new Belair X 6-12 camera. With the smart auto exposure system and ability to shoot in 3 formats: 6 × 12、6 x 9、6 x 6, Belair X 6-12 enables you to shoot the most stunning analogue masterpiece ever. Come and get your own Belair X 6-12 camera from our Online Shop now!

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translated by gateau

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