Japanese Film Indeed - Fuji Natura (35mm, 1600 ISO) User-Review


Do you know how much I love this film? I got it from my Japanese friends. I have never seen a 1600 ASA film in Thailand before. And now I am in-love with it!

Oh goshhhhhhh, it’s very cool to use with all the cameras you have. I put it into my best friend, Lomo LC-A+. They love each other, and they are also good fellows. It doesn’t matter if you do not own Fuji Natura camera in your hands.It is my first experience on a 1600 ASA film. I feel like I smell sweet flowers hahaha. It’s good, you know. I love the way the film doesn’t mutter when I turn on an MX switch, you know what I mean… I try to tell you that photos are always fine no matter how frequent you push the switch. But I think two or three times are enough. I love its grain, it’s so fine. When you take a photo indoors, you will see its signature, fine and good grain. You will feel like you are in a vintage mood!!!

Have a nice day :)

written by evev on 2009-12-28 #gear #review #grain #1600-iso #fuji-natura #friends #lomo-lc-a


  1. xbalboax
    xbalboax ·

    wow great review. wish the film wasnt so expensive though. def have to give it a try. great shots!

  2. ve_re_na
    ve_re_na ·

    these shots are awesome!

  3. evev
    evev ·

    Thank you :))

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