Your Favorite Holiday Destinations: Leysdown on Sea


Half of my family are from Kent, England and it’s only in recent years that I have been able to visit. I’ve been there three times and I stayed at my Aunt and Uncle’s house for part of the time. They live on the sleepy isle of Sheppey in south-eastern England, and I managed to stumble upon an analogue lover’s dream while on a walk there one day.

Arcades are, unfortunately, things of the past, and you really don’t see them around too much these days. You might see the odd pinball or car racing game at a bowling alley, or those claw games at movie theatres, but to see a full-on arcade with many different character rides alongside stand-up arcade cabinets like Pacman or Donkey Kong is something not too many people get to experience anymore.

After a short walk from my Aunt and Uncle’s house along the pebbled beach, I came across ‘The Promenade’ which basically is a street full of arcades, with the odd fish and chip shop or pub thrown in the middle. This spot is obviously popular as a sea-side getaway for English families on a budget, with a caravan park and cabins close-by, and lots of take-away food shops and the small stores you would find in any English town.

As a lomographer, I had most fun in the arcades themselves. I think I spent a grand total of 2 quid and since I was walking around taking photos, I was there for around an hour. I can see how these places are still alive and kicking as they are fun for the kids. The adults have their share of fun too, with 18+ sections in a bunch of the arcades with slot machines and other machines you would find in a casino.

Finishing my visit off with a nice soft-serve ice cream, I’m really happy that places like this still exist and I
I hope that they continue to do so, so that younger generations will have the chance to experience the fun of the 2P machines and pinballs!

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