My Analogue 2012: A Year of Firsts!

My whole 2012 year, including my 1 year anniversary of being a Lomographer.

Credits: ehmahh

It started when got a Spinner 360 for Christmas, so what better way to start of the year with testing out this beauty!

January 2012

As above, that’s me and the boyfriend. He bought me the Spinner.
As this was my first roll, a lot of it was wasted due to friends turning without taking a picture, etc. The photos were a little dark when I tested it, so I knew in the future to use in well-lit areas.

January was also a treat to me, as i bought myself a Diana Mini in Leopard Pink. I started test shooting.

Credits: ehmahh


I had my exhibition piece displayed at Luna and Curious in Shoreditch, London. This was an exciting time for me as it was my first ever exhibition! It was also my first time testing redscale at the exhibition.

Credits: ehmahh

March was the month I also decided to get experimental. My first roll of doubles with myself was produced, a little disappointed with it, but nevertheless I was happy with the results. It was also the month of random shots and woods.

Credits: ehmahh


I traveled to Paris, it was my first friend holiday by myself. It was also when I finished my first ever rolls of Lomography Redscale and X-Pro Chrome and I was very happy with the results! From the Paris shots, two even ended up on the selected list, which was another first time for me!

Credits: ehmahh


I shot my first ever roll of Black and White in June, in Swindon, when I was visiting family. I was so pleased with the results, and thought I was really lucky to get so close to the swans! I cant wait to shoot another roll of black and white film!

Credits: ehmahh

A short journey to London to visit the museums, and my Minolta and a Truprint film. Normally, I find old Truprint films come out a pinky colour, whereas in this one, the colors came out really nice and clear!

Credits: ehmahh

I also got Home of The Day in June! I was so happy!


It was the local Dartford festival and i broke my ActionSampler. It was the month iIgot my last roll from it (RIP). July, like March, was full of random moments and shots. But one main event was a Race day event at Brandshatch. It was also the month when the skies were clear blue and very hot, and when i managed to shoot the first of a double roll that will get processed later in the year (results in August).

Credits: ehmahh

So, the end of July saw a trip to the Zoo! I used THREE rolls here! I got a bit snap happy!

Credits: ehmahh


It’s my 1st anniversary of being a lomographer! It was this month last year that I shot my first roll at the super car show in my Fisheye!

I sent off my first film swap with Knipsomat to the lab. I also did a doubles roll with myself at a super car show vs Whistable Beach. For both rolls I thought I had brilliant shots, and had to be my favorite rolls to date. Oh and the trip to the super car show was this month. Again, I got snap happy here, as I did last year.

Credits: ehmahh


Although technically, I was there at the end of August, I’m putting it in this month because that’s when I processed the rolls and finished attending the event. What am I talking about? The London 2012 Paralympics, of course! I had a work experience job with a TV production company, and I got to attend the opening, closing, and olympic park when the paras were on! I was so lucky to experience this! At the closing I managed to get some amazing shots of the whole stadium and fireworks, I was using Lomography X-Pro Chrome, the colors turned out great! It’s my favorite album to date!

Credits: ehmahh


My birthday! I turned 21, and I also got the news that Lomography UK wanted to do a feature, so I was really excited about this! Although I didn’t get many shots in October, I did go to Thorpe Park with my mum because we got FREE tickets and got to enjoy Halloween antics!

Credits: ehmahh

What else to do but to take photos of fireworks!

Credits: ehmahh

I don’t want to show off, but November is the month I posted my found slides. I found them in a box at a boot fair and had to save them. They are from Egypt in 1966, and Scotland in 1967. Both seem to be from the same family/friend group. I wont post them — they are in my home, though. Sneak peek below:

Credits: ehmahh


I have nothing yet, BUT I have been to a disused train line and I’m planning a trip to the local lab tomorrow to see what results I get! There is also Christmas to come and I bought some Christmas-themed Instax film!

My 2012 has been the best. I had some really lucky experiences and some amazing photos. It can only get better next year!

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