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Forget Paris, forget Rome. It’s Rovinj which is the most romantic place in the world! Let me invite you to take a stroll around ist narrow streets and fall in love with that charming town.

Rovinj is a Croatian city located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. The old town was originally an island, which was connected to the mainland in 18th century after filling in a channel, but ist history reaches to the early 8th century, when it was first mentioned as an ancient town.

Its characteristic town structure developed throughout the Middle Ages, so the arrangement of streets of the medieval town has been preserved. The limited space led to the construction of narrow buildings, streets and small town squares.

At the old town skirts, you may want to take a look at a market. You can purchase delicious fruits grown under Croatian sun, many sorts of spices, oil, vinegar, honey and, of course – home produced rakija, delicious Balkan fruit brandy!

Going around, you’ll reach the harbour filled with old rusty fishing boats as well as luxury yachts. The location provides a great view on the old town, which makes a smashing photo!

So let’s enter the old town through the stunning Balbi arch on Tito’s Square. Don’t be afraid and let yourself lose your way around those charming narrow streets. Just fool around, take some pictures of pastel-coloured tenement-houses, of laundry drying up between two houses, of people passing by. Enter one of numerous art galleries located there, try some of delicious Croatian cuisine in a tiny restaurant, drink a glass of wine and feel the spirit of the place. Careful with the pavement though, it’s kinda slippery, so make sure your shoes are comfortable (and you should really taste your rakija later on!)! Finally, you should end up in the heart of the old town, where the church of Saint Euphemia (who’s also a patron saint of the town) is located. This church’s striking six-meter-high bell tower, the main landmark of Rovinj, was modeled after St Mark’s in Venice. And this breath-taking landscape you can see from the square by the church – what can I say, you can’t find a better place to watch the sunset on the see!

So why don’t you just take your lomografic camera and take the next flight to Croatia?

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  1. jeabzz
    jeabzz ·

    beautiful gallery! i went to rovinj last summer and yeah, that's a romantic city indeed :)

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