I LOVE FILM Opening Party With Short Movie and More

With tons of famous photographers and lomographers we had amazing opening party at Lomography Gallery Store Tokyo on November 3rd. Check the short video and lomographs!

Check out an update on photos and videos on our recently-concluded I LOVE FILM Opening Party in Tokyo! We had amazing opening party with nearly 200 Lomographers (or more!) – November 3rd became the memorial day for both Lomography Japan and GELATIN SILVER SESSION for the continuing existence of film itself and the immense global culture created from it!

Once again – the GELATIN SILVER SESSION is a unique project that aims to preserve traditional analogue photography techniques and procedures like equipment, films and gelatin silver for future generations.

The Tokyo Gallery Store welcomed the huge number of participants with a huge mock film roll to set the mood for the event. Also during the exhibit, the LomoStaff and GELATIN SILVER SESSION finally announced the ‘I Love Film’ competition winners from an extended LomoMission a couple of months back. The winners took home special goodie bags with films and an exclusive photo book with autographs of famous photographers from the land of the Rising Sun and beyond!

We’d like to extend our thanks to all the participants, exhibitors and staff for making this event a blast – and there’s more to come!

Participating photographers from GELATIN SILVER SESSION

- Gentaro Ishizuka (LOMO LC-A+)
- Chikashi Kasai (LOMO LC-A+)
- Akinobu Kawabe (Diana Mini)
- Mie Kushimoto (Fisheye 2/ Fisheye Submarine)
- Kazumi Kurigami (LOMO LC-A)
- Kisei Kobayashi (Oktomat)
- Shinichiro Kobayashi (Diana F+/ Diana Lens+ Super-Wide 38mm)
- Masayoshi Sukita (LOMO LC-A+)
- Hiroshi Seo (LOMO LC-A+/ LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens)
- Mikiya Takimoto (Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator)
- Masataka Nakano (Diana F+/ Diana 35mm Back+)
- M.HASUI (Horizon Perfekt)
- Herbie Yamaguchi (Horizon Perfekt)
- Itaru Hirama (LOMO LC-A+)
- Taishi Hirokawa (LOMO Lubitel 166+)
- Tomoki Hirokawa (LOMO LC-A+)
- Mitsumasa Fujitsuka (Diana Mini)
- Naoki Honjyo (LOMO Lubitel 166+)
- Muga Miyahara (Horizon Perfekt)
- Tetsuya Yamamoto (LOMO Lubitel 166+)

Check out the cool video of what came down at the I LOVE FILM Opening party at the Tokyo Gallery Store:

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