A New Sharpness: The First Shots With the New Russian Glass Lenses for the Belair X 6-12


When we first announced the Belair X 6-12, we promised that interchangeable glass lenses would be coming soon. Now, we’re not only proud to offer you a 20% discount on the limited amount of lenses, we’re also glad to show you some of the first pictures taken with them.

Both the 90mm lens and the 114mm lens offer Lomographers a whole new level of detail, sharpness and incredibly narrow depth of field. You can view technical specifications and see the amazing level of detail these lenses produce on our newly redesigned Belair X 6-12 Microsite! You can order the 90mm lens and the 114mm lens in our online shop. Here are some of the first shots snapped with these new babies:

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