Ålesund: Art Nouveau Town

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Ålesund is a town in Norway built in Art Nouveau style. It is very special as far as architecture is concerned.

Ålesund is a town and a sea port in Norway. The town is famous for its Art Nouveau architecture built when whole town was rebuilt due to a fire that basically destroyed the entire town in 1904. Miraculously, only one person was killed in the fire. However, a lot of people became homeless. It is quite a small town, with many attractions all within walking distance with each other.

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As mentioned before, one of the main attractions of Ålesund is the architecture. A stroll around the city centre and the inner harbour will guarantee you with lots of beautiful lomographs.

Credits: phoenix1206

To get a good view of Ålesund and the mountains, you can walk up the stairs to Fjellstua from the city park. The walk up to Fjellstua consists of 418 steps however, even halfway up,it already gives you a spectacular view of the town, and the fjords.

To learn more about the architecture, you should visit the town’s Art Nouveau centre, which documents the architectural history of the town.

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