Anna Nikbakht Nooshin and The LC-Wide

Anna Nikbakht Nooshin is a Dutch fashion hero and the driving force behind – an online magazine dedicated to fashion, lifestyle and life in general. Thanks to a great colabboration between Lomography and NSMBL we became BFFs and she is our next Lomo Amigo to be!

You could know Anna from the NSMBL your own La Sardina camera Rumble. An awesome Rumble that got quite a lot of submissions in the past months! We where blown away by the creativity that everyone poured into this one and the winners have been selected. Friday the 21st of December we have the Big Lomography x NSMBL exhibit party planned for you guys! You should come, it’ll be a blast!

Anyway, back to beautiful Anna. She started, an online magazine in which she brightens up your day on a regular base with fashion and lifestyle posts. NSMBL is about life and everything that makes it worth living. Their slogan: Piecing together the daily puzzle called life.

In the upcoming months Anna will not only have her glamorous lifestyle in Amsterdam to keep up with but she will also be documenting her days with the Lomo LC-Wide? She’ll be able to chose three different formats in which she can shoot images with the 17mm wide angle lens. We’re very excited to see what she’s going to shoot!

Since we’re BFFs now, we think you should get to know Anna a bit more. Can’t wait for her images? Then check or follow her on Twitter.

To be conitinued…

Lomo Amigo Anna will pick up the Lomo LC-Wide. The Lomo LC-Wide had a brand spanking new 17mm Minigon Ultra-Wide Angle lens that shoots some bombastic colors and has a sick saturation. You can also use 3 different formats to shoot your pictures in ánd it has a lightmeter!

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