Just Wanna Get Close To You...With The LC-WIde

2012-12-12 1

I was engaging in my routine “stumble upon” of LomoHomes and Lomographs and happened upon a bunch of awesome portraits taken with the LC-Wide, which is of course the ultimate portrait snapper owing to its super wide-angle lens and close focus zone. I felt as though I was being stared right at – a case of the observer becoming the observed! Here’s a collection of my favorite portraits (either people, animal, or a mythological hybrid of the two) found in and among your LomoHomes.

Credit: anafaro, eva_eva, lawypop, mapix, natalieerachel, rake, singleelderly, t0m7, tattso, tracyvmoore, vicuna


And listen to this song below while you’re browsing the gallery. Enjoy!

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written by tattso on 2012-12-12 #videos #people #lifestyle #gallery #close-up #portrait #lc-wide

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One Comment

  1. mapix
    mapix ·

    great lc-w portrait selection! thanks for taking my picture

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