The Black Screen Technique for Doubles

2013-01-31 2

We all know about blue screen method used for filming and photography to get different subjects in one picture, for example a person on a certain background. This method can be used not only digitally but also in analogue photography. I have no name for it so decided to I call it Black Screen Technique.

I used this method for portraits to put a person in a place once visited or dreamed of. It should look like a memory, or something read in a book, or thought of while daydreaming.

First, I took pictures of landcapes or animals and other different things and situations. It doesn’t matter if this picture is taken first or not, but for the best result, it should be a little bit underexposed — this way, colors are darker and you still have enough emulsion left for the second exposure.

Then, on the same film, I took pictures of a person on the black background. For that, I bought 2 × 1.5 × 3 m black drapery to put it on the wall, on the couch and on the floor — however you like or need it.

For best results, use a flash. It will highlight the face and the figure and make the person dominate over the second motif. Of course, you have different possibilities, like a strong lamp or just sunshine which is the best light ever.

Here you can see some more double-exposed pictures:

An interesting result can come out if two different people are exposed in one film roll by swapping, like I did with a girl from Paris. You can see the pictures in my album

Try it and enjoy it! In any case, you will be surprised and make a beautiful experience.

If you like it and want to see more, visit my website where I put my best photographic results.

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