Happy-go-lucky at the Fotografica Fair Meet-up with Lomography the Netherlands


Finally on November 18th, the moment was there: the Fotografica fair in Nieuwegein. Reason enough for a Lomo meet-up with some Dutch lomographers, to go lusting over 6000m2 of analogue cameras. Looking for el cheapo camera deals and beautiful (camera)stories.

Credits: mrmaart & marije

Sunday morning November 18th, half past 10. Joers, pretletterp, mrmaart, roolpaap and marije gather at Utrecht central station, to catch the bus to Homebox in Nieuwegein. In another bus but with the same destination was saskiaboer. While queuing the one and only kamiraze joined us. We brought a little surprise with us for him – the new Belair x 6-12 to play with!

Credits: marije

He was very much impressed by the camera, as a seasoned Lomographer he started to examine the camera. More and more people started to notice the Belair camera and were very interested. One of the bystanders wanted to how the ‘bellow’ opens. Without thinking Niels said: “Call its name and it will open!” Right at that moment the bellow opened. You should’ve seen the look on the guy’s face…

Credits: mrmaart

After waiting in line for a small while and paying 4 euros entry fee, we were all inside the Homebox – row after row after row of tables filled with cameras. Every brand and any decade was represented: thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, all the way up to the nineties. Not to mention all the flashes, filters, films, objectives and cases. We were amazed and didn’t know where to look or start.

Credits: marije

We only just hung our coats and mrmaart and joers found a hidden treasure. Underneath a table was a box containing nothing less than 80 rolls of expired chrome slide film. For no more than 20 euros. That’s 40 rolls of chrome each, what a catch!

That box was underneath that table, left from the ambulance-guy

Here’s where the real treasure hunt began. Some of us were focused on getting one specific camera, some were just browsing to see what’s there to get. Lot’s of great stories around too. A man from Middelburg sold his complete collection of 1600 (!!!) Leica cameras because his house was flooded with cameras. We continued browsing, comparing and testing of cameras.

Petra got herself this beautiful Cosina CX in original casing with an automatic advance-motorizer-piece and matching flash. This is how much she likes her new camera:

Credits: marije

Joeri got himself a SpaceShipEnterprise 110 SLR for a tenner.

Credits: marije

Over 2 hours later we got together at the lunch area to have something to eat. The bread with sausage were great, but the coffee was disgusting. It was as if it had been boiling for 30 years in analogue style somewhere in your grandmother’s kitchen. And that for 2,50 euros. Besides this little disappointment, were were all more than happy with our catch.

Credits: marije

…and in the train back home we immediately started testing our new gear.

Credits: joers

You too like to be amazed by this amazing collection of analogue stuff? Or looking for the best camera deals or that one battery for the Rollei 35S that isn’t made since the ’77? Or do you just feel the desire to browse trough hundreds or cameras? Come along next time! The next fair will be on Sunday March 10th 2013. More info on this website. We will be there again, will you come with?

Credits: mrmaart

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translated by desibel

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