DIY Photo Frame


Christmas is just around the corner! Why not making a DIY photo frame for your dearest friend to express your love in this season!?

The materials required in this tipster is available everywhere, and it is recyclable, so fear not of doing something that would destroy our dearly Mother Earth. The most important material is cardboard, and some stationery such as pen knife, pen/pencil, ruler and glue.

In this tipster, I am making a square frame for a instant photo. The dimension of the frame is 10cm x 10cm. Feel free customize the size of the frame to suit your photos.

1) Cut 12 square (10cm x 10cm) blocks out of the cardboard.

2) Leave 1cm for the margin of the frame, and cut away everything inside the margin. Repeat this step for 5 blocks.

3) Prepare a frame with its upper margin cut, so that your photo could slip in.

4) The preparation work is done. Now all you have to do is gather all them together. Firstly, glue the cut frame in step 3. onto a block which would be the supporting back for your photo. Then, glue the rest of the frames (prepared in step 2.) on top of it. You will have something like this:

5) Now your photo frame could barely stand, as it is not thick enough to hold the weight. Next, glue the rest of the blocks to each other and finally stick it the back of the frame. By doing this, it will create a thickness so that the photo frame would be able to stand.

6) Be creative and design your frame! I got some cock and string to decorate my frame. (inspired by Have a Corky Christmas)

And it’s done! Share your love with your friends with some DIY photo frame! :D

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