Coming Home Flash Rumble Winners Announcement

2012-12-11 5

Christmas is nearing and a lot of people are starting to go back to their hometowns.

In towns where they were born, where their love ones reside, or a town they would definitely love to stay at. And with the Coming Home Flash Rumble, we asked you to submit Lomographs that were just like that — coming home. Congratulations to our winners!

Three winners of 5 Piggies each:

Credits: gionnired
Credits: gatorchick

written by mayeemayee on 2012-12-11 #news #piggies #competition #rumble #community


  1. webo29
    webo29 ·

    well done to @lighthouse_keeperess, @gatorchick & @gionnired ! :)

  2. gionnired
    gionnired ·

    Wow thanks!! I'm really happy ;)

  3. leobrogioni
    leobrogioni ·

    congrats @lighthouse_keeperess, @gatorchick & @gionnired ! nice pics!

  4. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    Yes, a toast to you guys! @lighthouse_keeperess, @gatorchick & @gionnired :)

  5. gatorchick
    gatorchick ·

    Awesome! Thanks! :)

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